Clinician Invoice Confirmation

Thank you for all you do and the services you provide for our clients! We appreciate you!

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The following information is what was submitted on the Espyr Clinician Invoice Form. We recommend that you save this for your records.

Confirmation Id: {entry_id}

Provider Name: {Provider Name (First):5.3} {Provider Name (Last):5.6}


Authorization Number: {Authorization Number:100}

Client Date of Birth: {Client Date of Birth:99}

Dates of Client EAP Visits

Date: {Date:108} { (No show/late cancellation):117.1}

Date: {Date:116} { (No show/late cancellation):118.1}

Date: {Date:115} { (No show/late cancellation):119.1}

Date: {Date:114} { (No show/late cancellation):120.1}

Date: {Date:113} { (No show/late cancellation):121.1}

Date: {Date:112} { (No show/late cancellation):122.1}

Date: {Date:111} { (No show/late cancellation):123.1}

Date: {Date:110} { (No show/late cancellation):124.1}

Was this the client’s last EAP visit and you’re closing the case? {Was this the client\’s last EAP visit and you’re closing the case?:101}

Outcome: {Outcome:103}

Referral Recommendation: {Referral Recommendation:104}

Did you conduct a client follow up concerning their satisfaction with the referral? {Did you conduct a client follow up concerning their satisfaction with the referral?:139}

Billing Reminder

All invoices must be received within 30 days after the session date to be eligible for payment. Clinicians may invoice after each session, or after any number of sessions; however, invoices must be submitted to Espyr no later than thirty (30) days after each session to be eligible for reimbursement. Espyr does not compensate clinicians for client no-shows or late cancellations, nor may the client be held financially liable for no? shows or unauthorized services (including, but not limited to, cancellation fees and/or administrative fees). Espyr clients are not responsible for the cost of EAP sessions and are not to be invoiced. The EAP closed case form should be submitted with the final invoice.

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